Welcome to VirtualMEC, 3D CAD for MECCANO.
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Intel logo Warning WARNING: Several problems (difficulties in placing bolts, wrong selections, slowdowns...) have been reported from users with computers equipped with integrated Intel HD Graphic cards.

All these problems are definitely due to faulty graphic drivers. We tried to contact Intel support, currently with no luck.
Minimum requirements
VirtualMEC requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or later, 1 GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM and 100MB of hard disk space. Minimum monitor resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with 65536 colours or more. Requires a pointing device (mouse, trackball, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: By clicking the following button, you will download a demo version of VirtualMEC. That version is for evaluation purpose only and cannot be unlocked. If you later decide to download a FULL version of VirtualMEC, please go to the register page and follow the instructions.

Currently registered users should NOT download the demo version. They have already received an email instructing them on how to access the reserved area of the website where they can download the FULL version.

VirtualMEC 2.1.4 Demo
- file name virtualmec_demo_2.1.4_setup.exe
- release date 15 june 2015
- file size 12.0 MBytes

Please note that VirtualMEC 2.1.x Demo will not overwrite any 1.x/2.0.x version.
Download Demo

Download VirtualMEC User Manual in English (PDF File 2.87 MBytes). Download user manual
Download VirtualMEC User Manual in French (courtesy of Rick Demil) (PDF File 1.50 MBytes). Download user manual
Download VirtualMEC User Manual in Dutch (courtesy of H. Meeusen) (PDF File 1.17 MBytes). Download user manual

Click here to access the reserved area and download your copy of VirtualMEC (login required).

Please refer to the following table to know which limitations affect the VirtualMEC version you own.

Version Disabled features
Demo Saving models. Printing. Exporting part list. Merging models. Player mode. Saving images. Pasting assemblies. Copying images to the Clipboard. Animating a model using the Motion Panel.
Full None.