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"Motorized Coach V2.0. Long" by patouminou - 04/09/2022
670.910 bytes - 3.289 parts
This is a new version of my tourism coach of the 29/10/2020 on this site.

You can find some interesting and beautiful websites like :
Because I don't know the power of the Meccano motors for these models of 7,7 and 8,1 kg I have put two motors which must work together.
To play with : Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion, then adjust the general speed and the MOTEURS speed. The second motor has an engagement with the first one to work with.

This model is built with 3 sets, the chassis (blocks 1_...), the passenger cell (blocks 2_..) which is put on the chassis, and the cockpit (blocks 3_...) which is hooked to the two previous by a perforated strip 1e on bottom and 2 pivot bolts 147d on top. This to avoid the « closed box » problem.

There is a steady steering system you adjust before making the coach run. You can move the front wheels with the steering wheel by selecting in the rightmost combo box : VOLANT and using the numpad keys + and - .This is only a software link and the front wheels have an approximate moving cause VM doesn't manage complex movings, like Ackermann steering system.

Enjoy !

Updated 09/10 better hooking of the cockpit !
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