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"SM19 Steam Shovel" by patouminou - 15/01/2020
285.604 bytes - 1.217 parts
This is my first model built directly from the SM Meccano leaflet, with no example yet built. Maybe because it is a bit strange, not very pretty ?
To play with : Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion, then adjust general control and the MOTEUR control in speed and direction.
The control levers are in the back of the cabin, with colored washers . Select them in the rightmost unit combo box and adjust by clicking the curved arrow or using the + and - numkeys.
LEVIER_DEPLACEMENT_ROTATION : horizontal strip : RED translation on tracks, BLUE rotation cabin
LEVIER_FLECHE_BRAS : vertical short crank arm : YELLOW tilt arm, GREEN : tilt jib
MANIVELLE_BRAS ; brown bushwheel on the jib to slide the arm up and down. It is only manual, use the numkeys + and - or the curved green arrow.
Caution ! The speeds of the movements are difficult to adjust.
upd 17/01 better blocks : to see the mechanism in action, keep the blocks MECA_cabine_machinerie_roues and MECA_fleche_bras
Enjoy it !
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

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