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"Smart Fortwo II" by PMcam235 - 10/09/2022
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Smart Fortwo Mk II (2007-2014)

Model of the popular Mercedes / Daimler AG small car “Smart fortwo”.

Scale 1/8.

The Meccano model features, as the original, front suspension with McPherson struts and coil springs, rear suspension with De Dion rigid axle, two half-Panhard bars and coil springs, rack & pinion steering, 6V small electric motor to the rear wheels via differential & homokinetic sliding transmissions, opening slam doors and opening tailgate.

Please pay attention to the following points:

* Front coil springs are the new Meccano coil springs (ref C372) from “action springs” boxes released during Xmas 2020.
* Rear coil springs were initially the same, but owing to the rear body part weight, I have replaced them with those from MW Models (ref 120c), as on my Renault R2087.
 Today, these two kinds of springs are available for example from Meccano Spares (UK), see
(main column for the 120c heavy-duty model and right column for the C372).
* Both front and rear coil springs are poorly mocked up in the file with other available VirtualMec springs, see additional files for views of the Meccano model springs.
* The rear axle is mounted around a rigid De Dion axle. In the real car, the lateral axle guiding is achieved with 2 half Panhard bars pivotally attached at the middle line of the engine cradle, without central compensation Watt linkage. As a De Dion axle is theoretically non-deformable with constant width, the needed length variations are then absorbed by the Panhard bars silent blocks (or maybe by a small degree of softness of the axle itself). In the Meccano model, I have used a trick: the non-deformable bars induce a small variation of the De Dion axle width. This variation is allowed by the softness of the central 9 holes strip attached to the front 1’’ x 1/2’’ double bracket that connects the two pairs of 215 strips of the rigid axle. This 9 holes strip is colored in red in the VirtualMec file (block “essieu de dion”). For correct function, this red strip must then NOT be doubled nor reinforced.

Video of the unfinished model at address
And the finished model at address

Additional files
File detailsUpload date 
.JPG file  front suspension [ .JPG - 4.491.845 bytes ]
front coil spring arrangement
10/09/2022 19:03:07 Download
.JPG file  rear suspension [ .JPG - 5.018.430 bytes ]
rear coil spring arrangement
10/09/2022 19:03:34 Download
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 patouminou on 10/09/2022 20:12:15 said

Magnifique !
2 chirpy on 25/09/2022 04:27:44 said

Great model. Thanks for adding it to the virtualmec library. I shall build it
3 PMcam235, the author of the model, on 27/05/2023 12:22:25 said

spring retailers have changed:

the C372 shock absorber (original Meccano, for front axle) are available here:

the 120c HD spring (ex MW Models, for rear axle) are available here:
then enter 120c in the search field

last edited on 27/05/2023 12:30:34
4 cmcoldnut37a on 07/07/2023 06:24:22 said

Brilliant model that expanded my knowledge of Meccano modelling.
Successfully built, but due to lack of some modern parts some changes were needed to be made.
I posted under "Friends Who Like Christchurch Meccano Club" on facebook.

Highly recommended model.

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