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"Revolving Crane #18" by Ricky Mekano - 05/02/2018
137.158 bytes - 444 parts
From original MECCANO model, this crane has been hard to build. The fisrt problem did about plateform rotation (no involved in notice #18). Sworm and 57t gear combination seems good. Secundo, I had to reduce ratio gear for jib revolving, with 19t pinion and 25t contrate. The second pinion is free in order to balance contrate axle.
So, I'm glad to share this work with all MECCANO builders.
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1 Ricky Mekano, the author of the model, on 05/02/2018 20:27:00 said

You can see this crane revolving here: https://vimeo.com/254326890

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