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"Foliot & Verge Clock" by ace65 - 24/12/2011
41.717 bytes
Built & designed by Chris Shute

This was an (winning) entry in the latest Xmas Challenge to build a model with 20 or less parts (Not counting Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Cord, Spring Clips.)

This design is not identical to Chris's model but has been created to show you the basic design.
I thought I'd try to build a better 20-part clock without string or half a GRB. A Foliot & Verge mechanism is easier to build than a pendulum-regulated escapement. The main problem was trying to make an escapement wheel with an odd number of teeth, using minimal parts. The answer was to use a tinplate Road Wheel, and attach 3/4" bolts to the rim by pairs of locked nuts. I used an Elektrikit Pivot Bolt (part 545) as a low-friction needle-bearing to support the pallet rod. As it's a bolt, I haven't counted it in the 20 parts. Oh, and all 9 of my 27b Gears (133 teeth) are still in use elsewhere, so I had to make a substitute from a repro Gear Ring and a plastic 95t gear (they push-fit together), which I've counted as a single part. The 1 1/2" rod supplied with the Clockwork Motor was too short to be used for the output shaft, so I discarded it and then used a 2 1/2" rod AND counted that as one of the 20 parts allowed.
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