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"Old timer's car" by PMcam235 - 28/11/2020
106.254 bytes
Video of the model available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37lImJ09t1E.
The hood is made with scrapped oilcloth or similar. This is the last model from my late father, built before 2001 with used Meccano parts from local flea market.
Notice that the 54 flanged plate is the version 1 model, which is 8 holes long and shorter than the 9 holes actual one. This part is not available in VM and has been mocked up with miscellaneous girders and flat plates. Same remark for the 52 flanged plate with only two flanges. The wheels color scheme is the French one but the dummy black peripheric holes cannot be drawn.
In the original model, the steering rod was made from a crank handle with its short extremity cut (can be seen on the video). I have designed a new arrangement with two separate axle rods tied together with a 212a secured onto a collar. The model fitted with this new design works well also.
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