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"Window's display Paddle Boat of the 70s" by EDV - 22/09/2016
389.218 bytes - 1.407 parts
Keith Campbell acquired and restored one such model. He posted on Facebook an array of pictures illustrating such operation:
Based upon such documentation and authorized by him I drew the model intending to make it publicly available in a VM .mdl file as a compact package.
Keith and Oscar Felgueiras are revising this drawing to identify possible errors incurred, but they have not informed so far. Additionally Bob Thompson's expertise was requested to introduce movement on the VM drawing, turning the paddle wheel and its driving shaft. He has not pronounced also so far.
Some adjustments and creativity were introduced since the original model used a non Meccano large motor as well as bent rods at guard rails, resources not available among the tools or files of VM
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 david on 07/07/2019 15:33:17 said

bonjour, avez vous le modèle en plusieurs partie

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