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"1959 Renault R2087 4x4" by PMcam235 - 20/11/2021
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1/8 scale repro of the 1959 Renault R2084 4x4 truck.

The main feature of this model was for the first time the introduction of the Tracta universal joint in the front hubs, that provides true constant velocity and accepts input and output shafts misalignments with huge torque capability, all in a small space similar to a 140.
Another minor feature is the front slam doors with dual handles (external and internal), later used in 2012 in my Facel-Véga model.
Features front and rear driving axles with differentials and a central transfer gearbox with a third differential. The two axles are sprung with coil spring. The original R2087 had leaf springs but at this scale the Meccano leaf springs are too much stiff. The suspension of the model has then been replaced with an alternative design very similar to the one that was fitted onto the next Renault light truck generation (the 1965 SG2).
This new design uses four coil springs. The original model coil springs were from MW models, ref 120c, “heavy duty compression spring” and were MW own design compatible parts. Today, these parts are still available from Meccano Spares (UK), see
Take care not to confuse these HD springs with the 2020 new introduced parts C372 “shock absorber assembly” where the coil spring has almost the same dimension than the MW 120c but is much more soft then unable to bear the model weight (7 kg).
Notice also that the HD spring 120c is not available in the VM library. The model has been drawn with the 120dr model which is smaller, so please refer to the attached additional picture files to see the actual spring mounting arrangement.
Also included pictures for the door latch spring (a Meccano driving band), not available in the VM library too.

The model has been designed in 2001 with only one driving motor and no RC and was shown at Skegness the same year. It can be seen on Bob Thompson video, from time 24’15’’ up to 26’30’’ at address


Then in 2002 the single motor unit has been replaced with a dual motor unit and a RC has been added. Also added a towing ball. This new version can be seen on YouTube at address


and part of the transmissions is visible on YouTube at address


Additional files
File detailsUpload date 
.jpg file  door latch spring [ .jpg - 2.239.282 bytes ]
how to attach the driving band for door latch
20/11/2021 08:42:23 Download
.jpg file  coil spring mounting [ .jpg - 3.298.634 bytes ]
how to attach the 120c coil spring
20/11/2021 08:43:57 Download
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