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"(10-13) Combine Harvester" by patouminou - 01/02/2020
378.203 bytes - 1.763 parts
French model 10-10 on this site http://sizygie.free.fr/manuals/set_10/
and also built by Jackano (thanks to him again)
that helps me to decipher this abstruse leaflet. Meccano leaflets are a true good training to understand technical notices later.
Menu : View ; Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion
then select MOTEUR and you can adjust the speed
then choose in the unit combo box the UPCASE NAMES :
VOLANT ; steering wheel, clic and drag the curved green arrow or use the numkeys + or -
then there are three levers
LEVIER_RELEVAGE (blue lever) to raise and lower the harvest head, use the numkey + and - . note ; it is a complex geometry that I have approximate by simple movements and engagements tested values. It is good for little movements (2 positions)
LEVIER_VITESSES (white lever) use numkey + and -to select a gear. There are 4 positions in this gearbox : rear, low speed, neutral, high speed.
LEVIER_COUPE (red short lever) to active the harvester, with 2 positions : up CUT down STOP
You also can switch off all blocks except the three with a name beginning by MECA_ to see the whole mechanism of the harvester. You can see that VirtualMEC is a pretty little software to do all that !
Enjoy !
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1 Ricky Mekano on 03/03/2020 17:14:33 said

Merci pour ce modèle que je n'arrive toujours à finir. Les instructions MECCANO restent pour moi obscures... Bravo !

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