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"Stefan Tokarski's Gehlmax RD 6 Tracked Dumper" by Dusty - 25/06/2013
207.792 bytes - 1.201 parts
This model is reproduced by kind permission of Stefan Tokarski who designed and built the original model photos of which can be seen at:

I had to use simulations for the parts not available in VirtualMec and these are detailed below:

I used a 3 x 5 hole flat plate and a 5 hole perforated strip (coloured green on the model) to simulate part B665 the 4 x 5 hole flexible metal plate used in the Dumper chassis

I used 22 linked 1” narrow strips (coloured red and purple on the model) to simulate the 2 each of Part 273 the narrow curved strip 5 hole and Part 273a the narrow curved strip 7 hole used in the mans legs

I had to use 2 Part 90 curved strip 5 hole (coloured green on the model) to simulate part 90b the curved strip with end holes and long slot used on the mans body

I used 4 of ” washers in place of the slightly smaller diameter washers used on the mans head

I used 54 of 1” narrow strips together with 4 of 3½”, 4 of 5½” and 4 of 6½” narrow strips (bent to shape) to simulate the 70 of Part P91 Caterpillar track links used on the original model.

I used standard Meccano motors in place of the specific rpm motors

Note: An additional file is available for download with the corretc actual parts required to build this model

Additional files
File detailsUpload date 
.doc file  Corrected Parts list for the Gehlmax tracked dumper [ .doc - 98.304 bytes ]
A corrected Parts list excluding simulated parts with actual required parts added
26/06/2013 12:21:41 Download
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