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"Renault Kerax 6*4" by PMcam235 - 28/04/2013
328.485 bytes
Renault "Kerax" truck 6*4

first described in the CAM bulletin #94

main features:
two rear axles tandem with two differentials (no inter-axle differential)
fully articulated tandem
articulated front axle to ensure all wheel in contact with ground
6V electric motor with battery box as dummy gas tank
steering via steering wheel into cabin, or possible extension through the cabin top with extra steering wheel
tilting cabin with securing lever

built in 2005 and drawn with VM in 2006, downloadable file on Guy Pouchet website at http://pouchi.perso.neuf.fr/
Today the VM file has been updated:
- mocking up of the battery box
- mocking up of part 120 d (for tilt cab. release lever)
- parts 161 modified in VM database
- parts 51g now available (mocked up in the previous file with bent 74b)

Additional files
File detailsUpload date 
.jpg file  tilted cab [ .jpg - 400.526 bytes ] 03/05/2013 20:58:16 Download
.jpg file  tilted cab [ .jpg - 389.432 bytes ] 03/05/2013 20:58:51 Download
.jpg file  tilt cab, detail (release lever visible - upper part 134) [ .jpg - 508.535 bytes ] 03/05/2013 21:04:52 Download
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