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"1965 BERLIET Stradair flatbed truck" by PMcam235 - 14/06/2020
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In 1965, Berliet launches on the French market the new "Stradair" truck, with incredible air suspension and forward cabin. The marketing campaign shows a large choice of cabin colors as per the picture.

The Meccano model has the following features:

- front and rear coil spring suspension
- the rear suspension is derived from my previous B120 and DMA models

but the Panhard lateral bar is no more necessary owing to the upper arm which is now allowed to move only in one vertical plan – just pay attention to its twist degree of freedom (the 165 rotating freely on the 63c axial pivot bolt) to allow roll suspension movement
- the front suspension is entirely new with four bars arranged in a parallelogram providing also a permanent castor angle – a Panhard bar is fitted and the steering link has the same length and angle to provide constant steering angle when the suspension moves
- the front coil springs are mount directly on the king pins, set in place by 59b (clear rubber collar) that center them onto the 59, same arrangement at their upper extremity onto the chassis where they rest onto a washer
- the front axle has also correct king pin angle to help correct steering
- motor, reductor and differential similar to the ones in my Tintin's car (see http://www.virtualmec.com/content/model_details.aspx?mid=f32ab7fe-3c9a-424e-92fc-2326927264f9&pi=0&u=PMcam235&ps=6)
- the propeller shaft sliding mean (necessary owing to the suspension movement) is provided into the gear box casing by the sliding of the latest 38 teeth gear that slides freely a few millimetres between the two rear 74 plates of the casing
- opening bonnet
- scale 1:16.4

Video of the model available here:
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

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