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"ERECTOR Special Edition crane" by Ricky Mekano - 22/08/2017
123.998 bytes - 466 parts
This model is based on Erector one, with 2 motors et some improve changes.
First motor+reductor for crane rotating, the whole on ball bearing (spacer bearing from original model).
Second motor is for up-down winching.
I have blocked up-down shaft system, cause too much instable (and not very useful).
All pulleys used for only winching.
I'm using Waxed linen thread aka cable winching.
All mechanism are working on VM (excepted up-down winch).
Platform feets are my design (I have no curved strip).
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 Ricky Mekano, the author of the model, on 13/09/2017 19:25:20 said

You can see show video here => https://vimeo.com/230617323

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