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"1949 Railway Service Crane" by patouminou - 26/03/2020
573.086 bytes - 2.268 parts
This is the old version of the SM30 Railway Breakdown Crane, the model 16 of the 1949 outfit 10. This explains the curious truck, build with the rest of the parts ! Only the jib and the hoist are motorized. To pivote the cabin you use a crank, and to run on tracks... yes, you push with your hand.
Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion
MOTEUR : the motor moves the jib and the hoist throught the machinery controlled by two levers you move in the rightmost unit combo box :
INVERSEUR (red) Use the numpad keys + and – to select a direction or the neutral
SELECTEUR (yellow) use numpad keys + and – to choose jib tilting or hoist up and down
also in the motion panel, not controlled by the motor :
MANIVELLE_PIVOTEMENT on the chassis to pivote the cabin.
POUSSE_GRUE : push crane on track, and the track is very short
you can find the plane of the crane (in french) here :
and the model made in true by « Meccdur » on this blog :
Enjoy !
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