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"Sternwheeler Paddle Boat" by patouminou - 18/06/2020
437.145 bytes - 2.100 parts
This beautiful paddle boat by EDV (thanks to him) give me envy to make one which can roll on the floor.

To play with :
Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion
then adjust general speed and MOTEUR speed.
The movement of a piston is not managed by VM, so it cannot be fully realistic here.
By changing the point of view you can see the boat going away to the horizon and then you can dream...

UPDATE 22/06
corrected the mechanism of the paddle wheel (thanks to PMCAM235 who explain me the problem)
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 PMcam235 on 19/06/2020 09:43:49 said

Excellent job, very nice model, congratulations !
One question remains: if the two pistons (not figured) are double-effect type, the two connecting rods should be phased 90° apart ?

last edited on 19/06/2020 09:45:33
2 patouminou, the author of the model, on 19/06/2020 14:41:20 said

@PMcam235 - #1 - -------------------------------------
bonjour !
Sorry, this is a technical problem, I don't know the answer at your question. but with the real Meccano, I think it is possible to built a system with two pistons working correctly.

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