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"1905 Rolls-Royce" by MecJohn - 10/09/2010
340.602 bytes - 1.403 parts
This model was published in Meccano Magazine 1964-12 Motive power is supplied by an EI5R Electric Motor that drives the rear wheels via a clutch, gearbox and differential.
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1 Mick Berg on 13/02/2023 05:58:18 said

I have VirtualMec 2.1.4 which is free. Can I not access this model (1905 Rolls-Royce by MecJon)
2 Krypta on 13/02/2023 09:57:58 said

@Mick Berg - #1 - -------------------------------------

Log-in to the site and you'll be able to download all the models, were they marked as free or not.

last edited on 13/02/2023 09:58:16

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