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"railways pantograph" by PMcam235 - 26/01/2019
133.519 bytes
Large travel light pantograph, designed to be used in urban tramways

Designed at approx scale 1/4 to 1/5 in a professional context to check its function

The pair of 43 Meccano tension springs are just for indication. Real Meccano model uses pair of camping chairs tension springs, lentgh 62mm, wire diameter 1.8mm, load 19 kg, available in DIY shops or for example here:

Additional files
File detailsUpload date 
.JPG file  springs [ .JPG - 463.945 bytes ]
springs arrangement
26/01/2019 21:41:03 Download
.jpg file  folded [ .jpg - 42.270 bytes ]
lower position (not in use)
26/01/2019 21:44:57 Download
.jpg file  unfolding 1 [ .jpg - 96.485 bytes ]
26/01/2019 21:45:22 Download
.jpg file  unfolding 2 [ .jpg - 57.862 bytes ]
26/01/2019 21:45:47 Download
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1 Rick Demil on 27/01/2019 08:38:06 said

Merci pour le partage. Beau travail.

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