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"Willys Jeep by David Dalton" by agual - 26/10/2018
107.908 bytes - 410 parts
The model use sone 1/4" spacing parts that could'nt be modelled accurately
The brackets that hold the steering mechanism sgould be C860, or a triangular bracket nr 77 bent to form an angle bracket.
The steering arms were !/4" spacing strips in the original, i have used 2" strips with 5 holes hat protrude a little in the front.
Still in the steering there is a corner bracket that should be 1/4 spacing too. Notice the bolt between two holes.
The windscreen hinges should be 1/4 spacing parts too, I have used a couple of ghost 1" parts with 3 holes as helpers to hold in place a couple of bolts that tended do go astray.
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1 Rick Demil on 31/10/2018 11:14:48 said


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