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"special gear ratios" by Meccano kinematics - 25/02/2012
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When facing the task of building a gear train with a reduction ratio unobtainable with standard Meccano gears, the problem can be solved by using a differential. The differential splits the desired reduction ratio in 2 terms, both of which may be achieved by means of availbale Meccano spur gears.

In the model above the following speedreduction of 7:24 was reached: 1/2 x (19/57 + 15/60) = 1/2 x (1/3 + 1/4) = 1/2 x (4/12 + 3/12) = 1/2 x 7/12 = 7/24

The crankwheel rotates 24 times whilst the satellite carrier output shaft will rotate 7 times.

Click on the picture to download the VirtualMEC model and see how it's working.

With thanks to Pierre Monsallut who made a correct working model in VirtualMEC.

All of the work of Meccano kinematics can be found at http://wiswin.nl/Meccano%20kinematics.htm
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