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"Micro-cat" by agual - 09/08/2012
16.875 bytes - 25 parts
I entered this model to the Spanners Christmas contest of 2011. It's in VM 2.1 format, previous versions don't have the required parts.
The head 260b is push fit with two washers inside the jaws of the 260a.
Two of the parts 260d should be colored pins part 184.
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1 Fishplate42 on 19/03/2013 16:43:33 said

Great little model! He will go well with the Meccano robot family. Shame he can not be completed in VM...

2 agual, the author of the model, on 13/10/2013 17:20:09 said

@Fishplate42 - #1 - -------------------------------------
VM 2.1 has the required parts. Updated!

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