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"8-15 Dockside Crane" by patouminou - 26/03/2023
227.195 bytes - 878 parts
1954-1961 outfit 8 model 15
Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion, then adjust General speed and MOTEUR speed.
The motor is an 1a clockwork motor, but here it turns like an electric one, no rewinding !
Then choose in the rigthmost combo box the control « SELECTEUR » by using the numpad keys + and – you move the axle rod with a small flanged wheel near the roof. It allows 3 positions : PUSH makes hook up and down, MIDDLE no move, PULL makes crane tilt. You change the direction only by changing the direction of the motor in the MOTION window.
The rotation of the cabin is only manual, chose the control MANIVELLE_PIVOTEMENT and the keys + and -.
Enjoy !
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