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"meccano pipe bender cleaner " by Dalek Man - 22/09/2019
84.707 bytes - 268 parts
A simple model that can bend pipe cleaners
this is on you tube . The green axle rod is the cleaner
The Red Axle rod is A Brass pipe 5/32.014 code BT4. Replace the parts
motor tyre No 142c to No 142k motor bike tyre
and all No 22 pulley Wheel's to No 22p plastic wheels
This is not on the virtual mec list

YouTube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZFXiC2VnhQ
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1 Ricky Mekano on 28/09/2019 18:45:08 said

Maybe you could give us the YOUTUBE link? Thank you in advance.

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