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"Hachette Subscription Blocksetter. The Boom, the Lorry and the Hoist" by patouminou - 20/04/2021
1.088.915 bytes - 5.813 parts
Model made by M. Michel Bréal. I have built this step for people who want to study the complex rotations of the pulleys on the lorry and on the hoist. When the lorry runs on the boom, all the pulleys turn with the same speeds. When the hoist lifts, the speeds are various from zero to full speed.
To play with : Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion
then adjust the general speed and the MOTEUR speed.
Then you must choose in the Unit Combo Box at the right of the Menu the units with UPCASE_NAME, with some colours to help, and click and draw the arrows or use numkeys + and – to move the lever
LEVIER_INVERSEUR to control motor, with three positions, Forward, Neutral and Reverse
LEVIER_MOUVEMENTS to choose run on rail (green), neutral or rotation boom (yellow)
LEVIER_TREUILS to move hoist up and down (red), neutral or lorry on boom (blue)
VOLANT_FREIN the brown bush wheel is the hoist brake
by keeping the block MECANISMES you can see all the gears working
Next step : the whole crane
Enjoy !
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

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