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"Sideplate Motor" by ace65 - 04/02/2011
31.164 bytes
The basic idea is to replace the windings of a Liverpool Motor, e.g. E15R, E20R, with a current motor, in this case a 700 motor.
Believed done before by the Late Norm LaCroix in 1999, and more recently by Bob Watson in 2002.
There is no reversing switch: reversal would have to be done by swapping connections somewhere else. Bob says he got the first gear pair, 15T on the motor to 60T, with pulleys and rubber band to reduce noise and provide a safety link in case of jamming elsewhere.
Note: The 1 1/2" Flat girder used is an Insulating Flat Girder (Part 508) but this will not be shown as the correct number in the Parts list as electrical parts are not available in VirtualMec.
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