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"Class B Shay Locomotive" by Ricky Mekano - 18/03/2019
271.090 bytes - 926 parts
My last version of the Class-B Shay fitted to my 2½" railway gauge.
The bodywork match more the original Shay plans. But I had to install the transmission higher than bogie lines in order to prevent the output gear wheel touch the rail. In this scale (1:38), each space is important. I used food cans (green formed strip plates) to make the boiler.
Motion "Main drive" unit.
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1 Ricky Mekano, the author of the model, on 18/03/2019 12:09:59 said

Have a look here: https://youtu.be/OKgofXoEhc0
2 PGM on 25/03/2019 00:21:24 said

An impressive and detailed model
very well done!

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