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"SM28a Pontoon Crane" by patouminou - 01/02/2020
301.137 bytes - 1.210 parts
I have found the model on this site http://meccrl.free.fr/sml/index.htm and also in this VM site the model built by Dusty (thanks to him), and I have built it to animate it. Cause VM allows only simple rotations and translatons, I have simulated the complex movement of the multi-elements jib, it is good within little angles !
Menu ; View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion, adjust general control and MOTEUR_GRUE and MOTEUR_TREUILS controls, here you can adjust the speed and choose the direction of the moves.
Then choose in the rightmost unit combo box of the menu bar the units with UPCASE_NAMES :
LEVIER_MOUVEMENTS near the crane motor, for the rotation of the crane or the tilting of the jib. If you destroy the jib the best way is to reopen the file !
LEVIER_TREUILS to move the big and small hoists. To select up and down change the direction of the rotation in the motion panel. The lever is the strip near the motor, the brake levels have no action.
To see only the mechanisms, switch off all the blocks except MECA_moteurs and MECA_fleche_palans
Enjoy it !
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