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"Renault Kerax Truck" by Rick Demil - 05/04/2019
307.311 bytes - 1.337 parts
My first big truck, and french. Based on Pierre Monsallut's model (PMcam235), I built this model closer to the original as well as I could (missed parts). I have to revise the steering drive, too weak for this model. 20 hours building. I noticed wheels 20a and 187c are similar about diameter: interesting. A great experience …
Motion "Main Drive" unit
Just act "Cab over" to revolve the cab.
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 Rick Demil, the author of the model, on 05/04/2019 08:41:48 said

My video here: https://youtu.be/PidS_6chp4M
2 PGM on 07/04/2019 15:51:30 said

large and realistic model
very well done!

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