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"Little Car" by patouminou - 30/06/2020
42.007 bytes - 65 parts
This is a minimalist model for people who want to study the units and engagements system in VM. It is built in 4 steps (i.e. 4 blocks) with one unit in each, and a fifth unit is the whole model. You select that in the combo boxes in the menu bar.
1st_step : Menu : Model ; Unit : New Unit : 1_MOTOR. Set as Master : the worm part 32 ; Set as Pivot : the motor part 700 and keep only the green curved arrow. Set as Stop : the motor part 700. then select unit to see if all is OK, only the worm is selected.
you can then animate your unit.
Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion. Adjust the general speed and select the unit 1_MOTOR under it, adjust its speed. Your motor must turn !
2nd_step : the second unit is 2_transmission. When it is built, there is an automatic engagement between the worm and the 19teeth pinion. When you run 1_MOTOR, this second unit turns automatically with the good speed !
3rd_step : you must engage the unit 3_rear_wheels with the unit 2_transmission. Select the two ½ pulleys 23a, then Menu : Part : Engagements : OK. When it is done, the motor makes the wheels turn.
4th_step : unit 4_front_wheels. Make an engagement between the unit 3_rear_wheels and this one, so the front wheels can roll.
5th_step. To make the car roll, you must make it as a unit 5_little_car. Select the motor 700.. Select it again as a pivot (yes, it is a bit strange). When the little arrows appear to select the motions, keep the red arrow which points backward and deselect the big green arrow. There is no stop cause the unit is the whole car !
Then select the motor and the rear wheel, then Menu : Part : Engagements, and choose Translation for the part 700, and Reverse cause the red arrow points backward.
Now if you run MOTOR, the car rolls !
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