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"“H” and “HY” type Citroën van" by PMcam235 - 03/04/2022
494.682 bytes
1/9 approx. scale model.
Designed and built in 1996-1997 with the new launched IR control-set.
- Bodyshell construction
- Front wheel drive with differential
- Torsion bar independent wheels suspension
- Rack & pinion steering

The full building instructions with VirtualMec illustrations are available as MP263

Notice that owing to bending limitations that VirtualMec cannot achieve, the two left and right upper front parts of top of the cabin are simply parts 224, mocked up with several strips (see MP263 page 23 fig 57). Also the torsion bars are not drawn properly tied at their both extremities for the same limitation reasons.
MP263 is a recent evolution of the former MP115 that had only few color photos.

Video of the model at address

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