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"Stagecoach" by agual - 04/03/2020
67.836 bytes - 165 parts
This is a model I made for ths 2015 Spanners contest, you can see it in the flesh at NZMeccano. The rules stated that only the parts of a 1959 set #3 could be used.

Things I would change if I were free to choose the parts:

To stay within the limits of the contest I had to badly bend the two 11x3 hole plates 189 that make the sides. These should be substituted by a 5X3 hole plate in the middle and a couple of triangular or semicircular plates to cover the curved sides.

Tin Roadwheels were used for the contest. With "artillery" spoked wheels the model would look much better.

The cabin is bolted to the base with long bolts, this is a VM workaround. The original model had a cradle made of two longitudinal ropes betwen the ends of the fishplates, each made of several lenghts of cord. The cabin was tied to this cradle, free to swing forward and backward. I made this to emulate the leather cradle used in the real stagecoaches.

A cord around the top of the coach secured to the holes of the protruding 5 hols strips simulated the rail that prevents baggages to fall.

And to finish, the rudder is mede of two long 25 hole stripes, also to abide by the contest rules. In a real stagecoach the rudder would be segmented between each pair of horses, so sharp bends could be negotiated. I paid not much attention to the horses atachment, so I guess it could be easily made closer to the real thing.


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