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"Combine harvester" by PGM - 08/09/2017
126.925 bytes - 486 parts
combine harvester with working reel,cutting bar and rear steering wheels
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1 Ricky Mekano on 13/09/2017 19:19:33 said

Nice work … Ive to motorize it ;-)
2 PGM, the author of the model, on 15/09/2017 01:10:45 said

@Rick Demil - thank you

I don't know if is possible to motorize the harvester with a standard meccano 6v motor: this model is heavy (1,6 kg plus the weight of motor and battery pack)...
3 Ricky Mekano on 15/09/2017 10:50:13 said

@PGM - HI!
I think its possible. Reductor 1:19 give good torque for that. Have a look on my last model "Universal driver 1:29"
But I'have not enough parts to build your model, for the moment. I'm watching on e-bay to find more vintage parts.
See you ...
4 PGM, the author of the model, on 16/09/2017 00:40:49 said

@Rick Demil -
good luck!
today on e-bay is available a huge variety of Meccano sets and spare parts.
alternatively you may see on the web site of John Thorpe (http://www.meccanohobby.co.uk/)this shop have a wide range of Meccano spare parts and accessories at good prices.
I don't have the 1:19 reductor: my Meccano collection dates from '50 to '90 years, but i'll try to use a powerful 12V electric motor taken from an rc car...

good evening
5 Ricky Mekano on 23/09/2017 11:35:45 said

@PGM - #4 - -------------------------------------
Thank you for Thorpe's link. But UK shipping is too expensice. I'm living in France so ...
Yes good idea to drive your model with 12v motor. I'm beginning to melt outsider motors (arduino and steppers) with Meccano parts. Because I need very slow speed (10 rpm max) for a specific project. Any reductor can do that. So I'm trying stepper motor with Arduino control. We are in 21th century, now.
Anyway, I need vintage Meccano parts (metal gears and pinions)so YES I'm watching on e-bay.
I just finished my remote control for my both 700 motors with packs, so no pack on my models no more.

Have a nice day.
6 Ricky Mekano on 19/03/2018 11:39:28 said

You can see now my motorized harvester here: https://vimeo.com/260668267

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