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"Double twin-small missile battery" by Scrapheap - 29/08/2011
31.528 bytes - 46 parts
Double twin-small missile battery without 1 part 300 (cab assembly parts 300, 300a, 300b, 300c, 300d, 300e and 300f) attached to part 12c and the 3 part 10s (attached to part 52a) and 2 missile launchers (part 486 small missile and part 493 small missile launcher)/part 37b bolt (without part 37a nut). As they are not available in VirtualMec.
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1 agual on 04/09/2011 14:07:05 said

I'm afraid your models with missing parts look unfinished and give no idea of what you intended to do.

The usual procedure when a part is missing in VM is - after writing to the developers to ask for it- is to build a fake of it with existing parts. If you build each of the missing parts you require into a separate file and store them in a library then it will be easy for you to merge them into your finished model.
Even if you must fake the missiles with couplings mounted in a rod, this would give people a bertter idea of your design, better than a bare platform and a list of missing parts.


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