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"small car chassis with IR remote control" by PMcam235 - 14/10/2010
152.901 bytes - 747 parts
Model designed in 1996 to test the new infra-red remote-control set.

• front wheel drive
• four independent wheel working suspension
• steering
• electric motor
• differential
• remote control of forward/reverse and steering

The front suspension is Mc Pherson struts, the rear suspension is trailing arms, all with coil springs.

The steering is rack and pinion.
The remote control of steering is via a slipping rubber clutch driving, thus avoiding locking or damaging of the dedicated motor and/or mechanism when the wheels are steered to maximum position, and allowing the manual control of steering with the steering wheel.

The two track rods lengths and positions are so that the steering angle of each wheel remains constant when the suspension is moving in any position.

The differential is of the « narrow type », with powering external to the frame, and only one shaft (the driving shaft) ; the two independent output shafts are shifted and driven by the two free mounted 19-teeth planetary gears, thus allowing sliding of the driveshafts in the frame sides when suspension is moving (the 57 teeth gears slides along the planetary pinions).

The two universal joints in each driveshafts are fitted together so that they provide constant velocity for any suspension position, provided the wheels are not steered.

VM file with extra parts for dummy IR set drawing

Additional files
File detailsUpload date 
.jpg file  steering at full speed [ .jpg - 141.735 bytes ] 14/10/2010 20:58:23 Download
.JPG file  original 1996 prototype [ .JPG - 420.077 bytes ] 14/10/2010 20:59:14 Download
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1 CAM1293 on 04/04/2021 18:15:28 said

Modèle pédagogique. Mérite de s'y attarder. Bravo Pierre !
2 PMcam235, the author of the model, on 18/04/2021 17:56:40 said

Video of the model available here:

Note that the model on the video has its RC unit removed: it is manually driven.

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