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"Giant Dragline" by Rick Demil - 13/04/2019
562.368 bytes - 2.259 parts
My personal version of the dragline excavator, based on the MECCANO SML 27. I replaced the original tower by the Block Setter's one architecture (SML 04).
I noticed an unique motor can't move correctly a such heavy model.
My turn-table with Circular girders is OK.
I replaced the original luffing line by a jib tie.
Almost my whole personal set has been used!
Because memory lags (too big file), any unit is available. Sorry. Just enjoy for building.
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 Rick Demil, the author of the model, on 13/04/2019 20:38:48 said

Enjoy the video here: https://youtu.be/4szwPgg7gAA

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