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"Tony Rednall Cyclograph" by Meccano kinematics - 06/12/2014
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This model represents the well known cyclograph, designed and constructed by Tony Rednall. This machine has been extensively described in Constructor Quarterly nr. 14 of December 1991.

The first version fit to be shown in public was exhibited at Skegness in 1989. A Mark 2, 3 and 4 followed, the latter fully detailed appeared in C.Q.14.

A Mark V model of the cyclograph has been designed and built by Maurice Rednall, to be seen at the website of Meccano Kinematics.

The 3D computermodel was made by Meccano Kinematics with VirtualMec, version 2.1.3.

All of the work of Meccano Kinematics can be found at http://meccanokinematics.net
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