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"Stellated Icosahedron" by EDV - 07/11/2015
202.172 bytes - 1.051 parts
Geometric solid built extending the edges of a regular icosahedron.
20 pyramids of regular triangular bases are formed over the faces of the regular icosahedron.
The real solid keeps a ratio between its longer edges and its shorter edges of approximatelly 8.0902 to 5.
All of its convex and concave dihedral angles are equal ~63.435º. In order to build it with Meccano a reasonable approximation of it was obtained using 9h and 6h strips. In this case the concave and convex dihedral angles result slightly different to be drawn with VM. The tolerances existent building the real thing makes this difference not to be an issue.

I had to conceive a special way to connect strips using pairs of bent obtuse angle brackets to make it possible to fasten the bolts (using a single bracket bent with such sharp angle did not leave space to drive the heads of the bolts or to install the bolts themselves).

This solid creates 12 x 5 pointed star faces which were enhanced in the model by coloring them differently one from the other.

The strips of the bases of the pyramids over the regular icosahedron nucleus were differentiated colored white.
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