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"Hachette Subscription Blocksetter. The Gearbox" by patouminou - 11/04/2021
154.637 bytes - 620 parts
Model made by M. Michel Bréal. I subscribe and want to make it in VirtualMec.
This is the gearbox of the crane. Some parts don't exist in VirtualMEC, especially the chinese motor, I have made one with the Meccano boiler which has the same size.
To play with:
Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion
then adjust the general speed and the MOTEUR speed.
Then you must choose in the Unit Combo Box at the right of the Menu Bar the units with UPCASE_NAME, with some colours to help you, and click and draw the green curved arrows or use numkeys + and – to move the levers
LEVIER_INVERSEUR near the motor to control it, with three positions, Forward, Neutral and Reverse
LEVIER_MOUVEMENTS to choose translation on rail (green), neutral or rotation of boom (yellow)
LEVIER_TREUILS to move hoist up and down (red), neutral or lorry on boom (blue)
VOLANT_FREIN the brown bush wheel is the hoist brake
by keeping only the block MECANISMES you can see all the gears working
Next step : the whole crane
Enjoy !
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

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