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"Little Blocksetter (model II)" by patouminou - 14/03/2020
390.231 bytes - 1.774 parts
To play with : Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows: Motion
Although there is no motor on this model you can use the Motion Window. Adjust the general speed and the selected motion.
MANIVELLE TRANSLATION  (yellow) : to move crane on track
MANIVELLE ROTATION (red) : to rotate boom
MANIVELLE CHARIOT (yellow) : to move lorry on boom
MANIVELLE PALAN  (red) : to move hoist up and down
LEVIER PINCE : the little black lever on the cabin, to open or close the iron claw. Caution, this lever cannot make a complete rotation ! Select it in the unit combo box at the right of the menu bar and use numpad keys + and - to open and close the claw
Enjoy !
upd 19/03 add counterweight
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

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