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"Tornado wing pivot assembly" by Woody - 14/05/2013
52.023 bytes - 254 parts
I thought I'd have a go at building a virtual wing so you can pull it apart and get properly close up to see the workings.
I've started with the wingroot pivot section which supports the entire wing assembly. It fixes to the wing structure by the 3 angle girders (which don't quite line up here as they should) and by structural plating which fits above and below the 53a's.
The gear-rings should be 2 1/2" circular strips, which unfortunately aren't yet in the inventory. But these fit over the main pivot pin formed by a stack of wheel discs and mounted to the wing box assembly - I hope to post this part of the model at a later date.
I do wonder if building the virtual model will take as long as the real one?!!
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