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"Blocksetter Gearbox" by patouminou - 02/09/2019
136.555 bytes - 571 parts
Waiting for building the Hachette Subscription Blocksetter of M. Michel Bréal, I have found on this site this one built by Ace65, (thanks to him):
on which I could make some (small) reverse engineering to see what is this gearbox. I also have found on the NZMeccano site some Hachette blocksetter pictures.
and also the SM04 notice :
I thank all these people for these documents and I could build my own fully functional gearbox. To play with it, you have to display the motion panel:
Menu : View : Toolbars and Docking Windows : Motion
then adjust only the general speed control and the MOTEUR speed control.
To continue you don’t need to use this panel no more, all the controls are manual and on the model itself. Choose in the Unit Combo Box at the right of the Menu bar the units with UPCASE_NAMES, the others ones are technical ones. You have 4 controls, from the right (near the motor) to the left, with some colors to help you:
- LEVIER INVERSION MOTEUR to select motor rotation: forward, neutral, backward. To select one choice, use the numpad keys – and –
- VOLANT FREIN TREUILS brown bushwheel for winches brakes: use numpad keys + and – to move brake or click and drag the green curved arrow to adjust your control. Nota : you can pass through the winches !
- MANETTE SELECTION TREUILS use numpad keys + and - to select hoist winch (red), neutral, or lorry winch (blue)
- LEVIER SELECTION MOUVEMENT use numpad keys + and - to select run on rail (green), neutral, or rotation boom (yellow).
CAUTION ! VirtualMEC has no stops for units movements. If you destroy the model, the best thing is to reload it. Be careful: you have a very expensive crane to drive!
You can also select only some blocks=layers to have a better view of the mechanism. For example, keep the blocks moteur, transmission, mouvements Now I can wait the Hachette blocksetter gearbox, late 2020 – early 2021, I think it is possible to build a fully functional one in VM
Download modelDownload model (.mdl)

1 Ricky Mekano on 02/09/2019 20:23:16 said

Merci pour ce modèle !

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