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"Synchronous Motor" by EDV - 12/02/2015
109.290 bytes - 382 parts
Having seen this model assembled on the window of Central Train (Paris) around the late 70s as a "collector's model" I was very much impressed with it. This week, with the help of Spanner's list John Evens gave a hint and Bob Thompson located and posted a scan of a picture of it from Meccano Engineer No. 8, June 1975, Page 166. Although it is a small b&w picture, in low resolution, we were able to assemble a drawing reasonably faithful to the original.
In order to built it we will need to find out its wiring scheme as well as its voltage. Not to mention the purchase of 24 magnets, 24 magnet holders, 24 cylindrical coils etc.
I will attempt to do it.
To make it look more realistic I would use in it a large rod and compatible face plates. Unfortunatelly such parts are not available today in VirtualMec
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